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SEIU Local 400 PG’s political team works to advance the interests of working families all across Maryland. It’s not just about endorsing candidates and providing support during campaigns. In legislative sessions, we’re in state capitols, moving senators and delegates to vote in favor of legislation to improve the lives of working families. We’re also working at the local level with county councils to make fair school budgets for our teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff a reality. And when need be, we head to the Hill to fight for our members and their families at the federal level.

Winning elections, pushing pro-worker legislation, and negotiating with county governments is an important way that SEIU Local 400 PG is making life work for working people across our region.

Cynthia Collins,

SEIU Local 400 PG, Political Director




Click on the link below to see the Voting Centers in Prince George’s County;



Click on the link below to see who your Prince George’s County elected officials are;



Click on the link to the Maryland Govenors Website;


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