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PGCPS Support Staff Aspiring Leaders Program (SALP)

Prince George’s County Public Schools Support Staff Aspiring Leaders Program (SALP)

The Office of Employee Performance and Evaluation and The Office of Talent Development are excited to announce that the 2019-2020 application process for the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Support Staff Aspiring Leaders and Leaders Program (SALP) Cohort IV is now open. SALP provides opportunities that include experiential activities designed to meet the needs of those who are currently serving in a leadership position and those who aspire to pursue a leadership position.

The application submission deadline is:

August 16, 2019 11:00 PM EST

Step 1: Click SALP Application + Ctrl to access the application form which must be submitted by the applicant.

Step 2: Click Recommendation + Ctrl to access the electronic recommendation form that must be completed and submitted by the current principal or supervisor.

Next Steps: All interested applicants must complete steps 1 and 2 by August 16, 2019. Applicants will be notified by August 30, 2019, whether they have been selected for SALP Cohort IV.

For more information, contact Dr. Michael Brooks in the Office of Employee Performance and Evaluation, at or call 301-952-6240, x41633

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2020 Census

The 2020 Census counts every person living in the United States and five U.S. territories—once, only once, and in the right place. This census is conducted every 10 years by the U.S. Census Bureau, a nonpartisan government agency.

Maryland 2020 Census Information

2020 Census Jobs

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Interim CEO Announces Salary Step Restoration Plan for Staff Impacted by Recession

The proposal will impact nearly 8,300 eligible employees.

UPPER MARLBORO, MD – Today, Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Interim CEO Dr. Monica Goldson announced a salary step restoration proposal to compensate dedicated employees. Teachers, principals and support staff whose raises were frozen during the economic downturn yet remained with PGCPS consistently for the last 10 years will receive a restorative salary increase over the next three years. All eligible employees will receive a 3 percent salary increase in addition to any current negotiated compensation enhancements. In total, nearly 8,300 employees are eligible for the salary restoration proposal. The plan will be funded through a combination of state Kirwan funding and nearly $20 million in cuts from across the school system, none impacting resources in the classroom.

“For the last decade our community and employees have been slowly recovering from one of the worst economic recessions in the nation’s history. Along with teachers, our bus drivers, school nurses and custodians bore the brunt of lost wages and have seen the least increase in their paychecks over the last 10 years,” said Dr. Goldson. “Through it all, these employees were committed to serving our students and building the next generation. Taking this step forward demonstrates our commitment to retaining employees and recruiting the best to join us in the years to come.”

During the economic downturn, numerous cost-savings strategies were used to limit the impact on students and schools, including a “freeze” on employee salary increases from 2009 to 2012. Based on draft estimates from a PGCPS compensation study, the $46 million commitment to restore the lost salary steps will impact close to 8,300 employees, including nearly 3,500 teachers and over 3,650 support staff. The proposal provides one step increase annually for the next three fiscal years. This will cost just under $16 million annually for the next two years and approximately $15 million for the third year.

PGCPS will continue working with its four union partners – ACE-American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 2250, Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP), Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 400 – to formally negotiate compensation items.

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The promise of America—that if you work hard you and your family can get ahead—is a broken promise for too many Americans.

There are too many poverty-wage jobs with no benefits and irregular hours, and not enough good, union jobs where you and your co-workers can negotiate higher pay and better healthcare coverage. We need more union jobs that provide financial security for families and build thriving communities.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court is considering a case, Janus v. AFSCME, that would make things even worse, dividing working people and making it more difficult to join together in unions.

Watch and Share Now!

The good news is that the resistance to this attack on working people is alive and well. Click here to watch and share the video of workers rising up and fighting back at more than 600 actions across the nation.

Share the video and get involved in the fight for more good, union jobs.

In unity,

Mary Kay Henry

International President



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