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And so it has begun….

We have officially begun the contract negotiation process with officials from the Prince George’s County Public School System. We extend our thanks to those of you who submitted your ideas and requests. We discussed them with our attorney and they have all been implemented into what we feel is a very comprehensive, direct and fair proposal.

Once the process has concluded we will immediately have a special membership meeting to discuss this with you and to ultimately ratify our new contract.

We will keep you posted in regards to the progress of this process.

In Unity,

William H. Sellman, President


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The promise of America—that if you work hard you and your family can get ahead—is a broken promise for too many Americans.

There are too many poverty-wage jobs with no benefits and irregular hours, and not enough good, union jobs where you and your co-workers can negotiate higher pay and better healthcare coverage. We need more union jobs that provide financial security for families and build thriving communities.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court is considering a case, Janus v. AFSCME, that would make things even worse, dividing working people and making it more difficult to join together in unions.

Watch and Share Now!

The good news is that the resistance to this attack on working people is alive and well. Click here to watch and share the video of workers rising up and fighting back at more than 600 actions across the nation.

Share the video and get involved in the fight for more good, union jobs.

In unity,

Mary Kay Henry

International President



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SEIU Local 400 PG Scholarships

The Scholarship submittal window has now closed. Any scholarship applications that have not been postmarked as of July 1, 2016 will not be accepted. Winners will be announced via phone call within the next two weeks.


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