From the desk of Mr. Sellman….


Below I’ve posted a link to the many services offered to the residents of Prince George’s County. Please take a minute to look over these services to see if any will interest you. Feel free to have your spouse, your friends, your children, your significant other, your parent, your grandparent or anyone else in your circle to look at these services as well. Let’s utilize the services that the county has instituted for us. Our tax dollars fund these programs in one way or the other so lets take advantage of what is essentially ours.

As always, I mimic what I have said over the past months as it pertains to one of the most significant trial that we are facing, Covid-19.

Please wear your masks

Please practice social distancing


Please wash your hands.

Although hand sanitizer is a great on-the-go alternative, washing your hands with good old fashioned soap and hot water is much, much better.

Pleaseā€¦.Stay Safe.

With Respect,

William H. Sellman

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