From the desk of Mr. Sellman


Once Again, Happy New Year To You All!

Now that we have sworn in the newly elected Officers, Executive Board and Trustees, we have already hit the ground running. We opened this year with our first negotiations session a couple of weeks ago. We believe that we have a great plan and we are confident that we will once again walk away with a contract that you will be pleased with. As always, we will continue to take your advice under our advisement along with Mr. William King, our Attorney and Chief Negotiator. The goal remains to bring forth a livable and just increase to match our economic challenges.

I would for you all to read, analyze and question what’s in our contract. We want to make it stronger and with your insight, we can accomplish this. If there is anything that you believe we need to address in regards to being in our contract, do not hesitate to contact our office.


Moving forward, we began the initial stages of planning our agenda for the next four years. I have spoken to the team and explained my passion and reasoning for not leaving. I have been and continue to be vested in this union. Over my 35+ years of serving I felt it incumbent upon me to keep this union moving in the right direction. We have come far too long and have gained so much respect from the hierarchy of the PGCPS and our elected officials in the Prince George’s County Government to take a step backwards.

Our next General Membership Meeting will take place on Saturday February 29th. We would like to fill the room. Come on out to see first hand and get the REAL scoop of what’s going on in YOUR union. We begin promptly at 10 am and usually conclude at noon unless you wish to go longer. You will not be rushed.

As we now transition to the back half of the school year I ask you all to look within yourself and reflect on what you can do to better yourself as a person and as an employee. There will be increased openings for promotions as some of our seniors plan for the next stage of their lives after PGCPS. Do what you need to do and make the necessary changes to give yourself the best opportunity to move up. Have Pride in yourself and Have Pride in your works.

Respect to you all,

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