Friends, Our local has ten committees that we invite our members to be a part of. Volunteering for one or more of these committees will allow you to have a more vested stake in the decisions that are made on behalf of your fellow members.

Our committees are:


ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE – Committee members will organize the activities for the Union Members – such as Picnic, Atlantic City Trip, etc.

Our current Activity Committee members are Kelvin Pinkney a& Trent C. Holmes.


AFRAM – AFRAM is a national caucus for SEIU members and staff of African descent.

Our current AFRAM members are Kelvin Pinkney, Roosevelt Limes, William Sellman, Cynthia Collins & Trent C. Holmes.


BUILDING COMMITTEE – Committee members will meet and make decisions with respect to the Building (remodeling, repairs, upkeep etc.) with the approval of the Executive Board.

Our current Building Committee members are Willie Sanders, Philip Saunders, Dewayne Thompson, Shawn Butler & Trent C. Holmes.


CIVIL & HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE – The purpose of this committee is to assist the International Union in fostering programs and policies centered on Civil & Human Rights.

Our current Civil & Human Rights Committee members are James Bright & Trent C. Holmes


CONSTITUTION & BY LAWS COMMITTEE – Committee members will review, make amendments and changes to the Constitution – but all changes or amendments must be approved by the International.

Our current Constitution and By Law Committee members are William Sellman, Willie Sanders, Jeanette Starks, Kelvin Pinkney, Roosevelt Limes & Trent C. Holmes.


GOOD WILL COMMITTEE – Committee members will serve the membership community with services such as Thanksgiving Baskets for those who are ill or shut in, assist to get and provide help for members who are burnt out of their homes, etc.

Our current Good Will Committee members are Kelvin Pinkney, Roosevelt Limes & Trent C. Holmes.


ORGANIZING COMMITTEE – Mandated by SEIU International, this committee, chaired by the Lead Organizer will learn and implement how to organize public employees.

Our current Organizing Committee members are William Sellman, Willie Sanders, Jeanette Starks, Cynthia Collins, Kelvin Pinkney, Roosevelt Limes & Trent C. Holmes.


POLITICAL EDUCATION (COPE) – COPE Committee is the political arm of the Local with respect to which candidates should get elected (City, State, County, Federal, School Board etc.) The Political Director of the Local will be in charge of this program and be the chairperson of the Committee. Some duties entail going to Annapolis, doing voter registration, door knocking, phone call and polls.

Our Political Committee is headed by Cynthia Collins and include the following members Jeanette Starks, Meybel Aguilera & Shawn Butler.


SAFETY BOARD COMMITTEE –Committee members will review current practices from the board to ensure that their practices and procedures are in line with MOSHA requirements. Members will also identify new practices and procedures with the intent on protecting the employee.

Our current safety Board Committee members are Willie Sanders, Shawn Butler, Philip Saunders & Dewayne Thompson


 SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE – Committee members will review scholarship application received by the Union and select the top 4 as recipients of the scholarships. 

Our current Scholarship Committee members are Kelvin Pinkney & Trent C. Holmes.


SENIOR MEMBER PROGRAM – Consists of Retired Members who purpose is to keep the retirees involved with respect to campaigns, food drives etc. Retired members do not have a vote in the day-to-day operations of the Union nor do they have a vote to elect officers and are not allowed to run for office. Purpose is to work with the Union on campaigns, projects, food drives etc.

Our current Senior Member Program members are William Sellman Jeanette Starks & Meybel Aguilera.


SHOP STEWARD COMMITTEE – Consists of the Union Office Staff; It will be their responsibilities to have elections, training sessions, etc. To stay in contact with the Shop Stewards with respect to procedures, books, etc.

Our current Shop Steward Committee members are Willie Sanders, Philip Saunders, Shawn Butler& Dewayne Thompson

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